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Language Training

MAVEN delivers both personalized face-to-face and online language instruction for corporations and individuals. Our customized language-training programs allow us to work closely with students to ensure they establish greater fluency in their target language.. Through private or group classes, our immersive learning method is the ideal solution for those interested in learning a new language or improving fluency.

Intercultural Training

Mastering cross-cultural communication is key to global business success. MAVEN’s intercultural training programs help organizations understand cultural differences while building strategies to reach business goals in a global market across global teams. Our programs have virtually unlimited customization, though most fall into one of the following three categories:

  • Business and Social Behaviors of People in the Target Culture
  •  International Relocation
  •  Developing Specific Skills for Intercultural Business

Bridging the gap

Bridging the Gap is a nationally-recognized 40-hour medical interpreter training program. The Cross Cultural Healthcare Program was introduced to push their mission toward making culturally and linguistically appropriate healthcare more accessible. MAVEN, a licensed training organization, adopted Bridging the Gap because it’s the premier medical interpreter training program. We believe it is an essential professional development training program for both bilingual individuals interested in the field of medical interpretation as well as for bilingual healthcare advocates, providers, and practitioners often expected to interpret in the workplace. This training sets the standard for excellence in medical interpretation and sets up our participants for success.
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