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How We Do It

The Maven Method

The MAVEN Method is a Function-Based Learning System, that employs a holistic approach to learning. Instead of relying on traditional teacher-centered methods of repetition learning and memorization, our method focuses on the student’s needs and self-expression. Our instructors use this integrative approach to deliver a customized curriculum that caters to each student’s learning style and pace, ensuring greater fluency and retention.

How the Maven Method works:

Assess student’s language needs, goals, and expectations
Determine student’s availability and time they can dedicate to the program
Fully customize the curriculum and delivery method
Develop and assess needed materials
Appropriately match the language trainer who can best help the student reach his/her goal

Who We Are

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Does The Maven Method address both individual and group language needs? If so, then how?
Yes it applies to both. The purpose of the Maven Method is the idea that we tailor each language training program to each student’s needs (learning style, why they want to learn this language, etc). We also group students together that share the same goal. This ensures all participants have the same outcome in mind.
How does the Maven Method compare to the method(s) of your competitors?
Our competitors use a “one size fits all” approach. This results in lower efficiency and it is not tailored to each individual’s goals. Our customized approach is much more effective and our customized curriculum ensures the student meets their specific goals.
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