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Translation Services

MAVEN provides accurate and reliable business translation services so communication barriers do not obstruct your business needs. From marketing materials to technical documents, our vast professional network of certified translators deliver any translation service, in a timely, accurate, and cost-effective manner.

Our guaranteed quality assurance supports every translation so you don’t have to worry your message will be lost in translation.

What We Offer

  • Accurate timelines, with options for expedited deadlines.
  • Translators experienced in your subject matter
  • Guaranteed accuracy: Your content will be translated so that it makes perfect sense contextually
  • All for a great value!

Our Translators

  • Provide at least two references for previous relevant projects
  • Translate only into their native language
  • Are appropriately qualified in their technical areas
  • Have working industry experience for the type of material they translate

Proofreading is Essential

While many companies offer proofreading as an add-on service, MAVEN believes it’s an essential component to guarantee quality.

Our Approach

We start with a consultation to learn about your translation needs, during which we ask questions such as, “Who is your target audience?” Listening allows us to tailor our translation services to best align with your goals, including targeting the general public, engineers, and medical professionals.

Translation Services Include:

  • Medical Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Business & Financial Translation
  • Software Localization
  • Website Localization
  • Mobile Phone Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Translation
  • Government Document Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Personal Document Translation
  • Contract Translation
  • Employee Manual Translation
  • User Manual Translation
  • Technical Manual Translation
  • Translation Certifications

Benefits of Our Translation Services:

  • Foreign/US Briefings provide background on history, language and culture, as well as dos and don’ts to avoid cross-cultural misunderstandings
  • Executive and Family Relocation Training equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and awareness necessary for successful adaptation to living and working abroad
  • Executive and Family Reentry Programs facilitate the cultural adjustment process for those returning from abroad
  • International Negotiation Seminars enable participants to negotiate successfully with international counterparts
  • International Consulting Services help organizations assess and resolve specific intercultural challenges, such as cross-cultural team building, international joint-venture relations, and technology transfer
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