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Defined by Our Values and Experience

We’re a team of language experts with backgrounds in business operations. Together, we deliver efficient, cost-effective, high-quality linguistic services.


We are multilingual to our core. Our vast experience and in-house team allow us to provide a level of insight that is uncommon in our industry.


Our team members hail from various backgrounds and cultures, which means our skill set is extensive, allowing us to deliver effective and high-quality language services. ​

Former Expats

As former expats, we know the ins and outs of the top global markets. Our network of international partners allows us to implement and manage any size project to meet your needs.​

16+ Years Experience

We have extensive experience in language solutions, including training, interpreting, translation, hospital operations, and finance.​

Lean Six Sigma Certified

Our focus on efficiency allows us to help our clients meet their language service needs with the highest quality resources while simultaneously reducing waste and cost. ​

HIPPA Experience

Our team at MAVEN adheres to HIPAA compliance standards. We ensure this through training, certification, and system security requirements. ​

Hospital Management

We have over 15 years of experience in hospital management, including program development, strategy creation, and the implementation of language service and patient experience initiatives​

Finance Management

For over 15 years, we have worked with a wide range of clients from small businesses to large multinational companies. ​

Our Vision

We are dedicated to providing superior language services to help our customers overcome obstacles that inhibit effective communication in a global society.

Our Mission

Our mission to deliver expert support and innovative solutions to eliminate language and cultural barriers through comprehensive training, interpreting, and translation services.​

Our Values

  • Integrity: Always be honest and view every situation as an opportunity to build trust
  • Collaborative: Continually seek new ways to meet the needs of each partner and customer
  • Resourceful: Creatively think and explore new ways to deliver the highest results
  • Excellence: Take pride in your work and strive for nothing less than the highest quality
  • Innovative: Take risks to overcome challenges and welcome change
  • Respectful: A focus on each individual’s needs and preferences must be at the center of every interaction
  • Efficient: Implement processes to increase value that optimize our resources as well as those of our partners and customers

Our Promise

MAVEN will work with our clients to provide the precise solution for their unique needs. Our team promises to maintain a positive, can-do attitude, and consistently deliver outstanding customer service and support.


What industries does Maven work with?
We work with a wide range of industries including medical, legal, government, businesses, education and conferences.
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